City of Sewage and Hookers

Just got home from a weekend trip to Seattle.  What a great city, though I must admit I've never felt more like a tourist.  I did all the touristy stuff including a Harbor Cruise, the Aquarium and the Underground Tours, which was probably my favorite part.  Learned all about how Seattle came to be.  I did not realize they had such a problem with sewage back in the day, not to mention a band of crafty prostitutes who masqueraded as seamstresses.  Miniseries anyone? 

I'm sure the food was fantastic, but I was sick the whole weekend and couldn't taste a thing.  Now, I'm packing up again to leave on a business trip tomorrow.  I foretell one day soon I'll be traveling like this because I'm ON TOUR! 

Stay with me, I'm booking more dates, recording more songs, and now I can add Seattle to the list of cities I'm longing to perform in!


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