I Saw a Queen

And I'm not talking about a drag queen!  I mean a real one!  I just got back from the Kylie Minogue concert and all I can say is "Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!"  What an experience.  I don't understand why she's not bigger in America.  It was a spectacle with the lights and the dancing and the sets, there was such a unique energy in the place, it was sexy and classy and so gay!  It was amazing.  I wish I would have brought tickets to both nights.  I'm exhilerated.  What I wouldn't give to have someone feel this good about a concert that I put on one day.

To cap the evening off, I saw one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen (seriously top ten) on the BART station, going home from the concert. I think he may have been checking me out too, but I will never know cuz I was too chickenshit to do or say anything, as usual.  I've got to start taking more risks, not just in dating but in my music too.  What have I got to lose but a little dignity?  Wait .... yeah, that's already gone! 


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