Summer Songs

Back home in SF after an awesome Mday break in Baltimore and at "Rehomo" Beach.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach by the tide on a perfect day and listening to some tunes. 

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A Little Catch Up ...

So, lots of new stuff going on.  I have a new song in my Junkyard called Remind U.  Be sure to check that out.  Did a photo shoot with Nicholas Smith for the Plastic/Box CD Cover.  I'm thinking I…Read more

About the New Junkyard Song

There's a new song in the Junkyard! This one is sentimental, it's the first song I ever wrote as "Saturn". I remember it so clearly ... I was 12 years old, it was just a few weeks before my 13th…Read more

Frontiers of Beauty

This is a wonderful story I just read on Derek Sivers blog (which I love).  It's called "The Night I Met Einstein" by Jerome Weidman.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Diddle Dee Dum

I wonder if other artists listen to their songs like 20 times in a row after they've finished up the final mix in the studio.  I dunno, but I always do.  I just finished 2 more songs from "Plastic/Box" today…Read more

Never Been the Same

It's been 2 weeks now and I've FINALLY got my computer back!  I got hit with a nasty malware virus (from a MySpace page no less) at the beginning of February and it's taken this long to get fixed.  It's…Read more

Bad Romance

I've either forgotten or underestimated how difficult it is to both work full time and do music on the side simultaneously.  I've had three weeks to finish recording all the music parts for the remaining 3 tracks on "Plastic/Box", yet…Read more

Get the Energy Up!

About to leave the office for the studio to film my live segment tonight after a very long day of work.  I hope on the drive between here and there I can summon up about 10 vials of high…

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Trust in 2010

I had a very interesting and unique experience today.  While I won't share EVERYTHING that happened , I will say that it culminated in me pulling a tarot card of "Trust".  Now I've never done anything like that before and…Read more

U Don't Know Me

New JUNKYARD release today! It's called "U Don't Know Me". Originally written and recorded back in 2003, I decided to re-record it. It's a great song to kick off the new year because it's all about pushing forward, being determined…Read more

Snowed In!

Had I asked for a White Christmas, I would have got my wish 3 times over.  I'm sitting here vacationing home in Baltimore and the snow is literally blanketing everything under about 3 feet of Christmas treasure.  It's pretty to…Read more