1. Boy 2 Boy


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I remember when I used 2 be so nervous, innocently looking 4 a man 2 service.

Looking 4 release or a getaway 2 escape the depression of every day.

I found it in my own relentless dancing, the bass hard underneath the lights romancing.

I didn't know how 2 play the game when I was throwing off a scent & there were looking 4 strays.

Here comes another mature hot daddy, the only one walking my way, so I'm flattered.

I said, “Hey, hello, my name is Steve.”

He said, “oh yeah, you're kinda cute, but you're sorta naïve. I love that innocent thing about U, any man in the world would want U!”

He grabbed me by the hand cuz he's ready 2 dance

but then I'm in a dark corner and he's dropping his pants.

Hold up! It ain't that type of party.

Uh-unh! U must be insane. I don't even know your name. I feel so ashamed.

Everybody needs somebody, but first I wanna get 2 know U.

And I wanna take it slow and I wanna be in love.

After years of this, I couldn't even get a kiss.

I was getting' kind of pissed, so I said “uh-oh!”

Now I'm left behind and the world is changing.

12 year olds are out their pants and slammin'.

And I'm still a virgin and I'm bout 2 implode.

I get so fucking horny, I just gotta explode.

All I ever get is a rejection. I never thought my heart would need protection,

but boys will be boys, they just wanna play.

They got dick on their head and their head in their hands.

So, I pulled a switch and I came cocky. I didn't give a fuck who didn't like me.

That's when the battle of the bulge began.

They would bend, I'd stick in and then I'd cum & cum again.

Then all conversations turned to questions: How many inches? Your position?

Do U like pain? Do U like the rain? Do U just wanna jack or can we bareback?

Hell no! It ain't that type of party.

Uh-unh! I'm like “tricksta, please!”

I don't want no disease. I just want U on your knees.

Tonight I just need your body.

I don't wanna get 2 know ya like U don't wanna know me.

I just wanna feel U blow me.

Fuck relationships. Hurt my heart won't miss

4 a momentary bliss, so instead I go …

Boy 2 boy. I could get addicted. Boy 2 boy. I could be so wicked.

Boy 2 boy. I could close my heart up with another boy's hard on.

Boy 2 boy. Everybody does it. Boy 2 boy. And I'm just getting' started.

Boy 2 boy. And I won't be sorry. Boy 2 boy.

Verse 3.

Another lonely night & I'm feeling desperate.

Cruising cyber hell just 2 make a connection.

Little did I know I would finally meet the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.

20 minutes later and we got our clothes off, tongues in each other & I'm feeling lost

& I gotta thank God in the Heavens above 4 sending me somebody that I think I can love.

Or maybe love's just one big illusion, or maybe God's mad cuz he sees what I'm doing.

I couldn't help myself, had 2 swallow him, then I turned him backside & I went in 2 rim.

He was so good he could've made me drool but I had 2 play it off like I was cool

cuz one thing I learned is how 2 play the game.

If U seem 2 needy then u push ‘em away.

Then he told me that he had a girlfriend. 26 old and he's in the closet.

Yeah, we could fuck, but there it would end.

No we couldn't hang out and we couldn't be friends.

I said “ok” and that I understand. Then he said he had 2 go and he shook my hand.

I walked him 2 the door and I said “goodbye” when everything inside me was wanting 2 cry no:

Hold up! Do U really have 2 go now? Please come back and stay.

Come 2 my arms and lay. We can find a better way.

Everybody needs somebody. I don't wanna let U go.

I don't wanna be alone. All I wanna do is hold ya.

Don't let the world condemn U. U can love yourself

and they can all go 2 Hell. Then maybe I could share your world.

Cuz everybody needs somebody. Maybe U could need me.

Maybe U could love me and I could love U.

Some boys, they don't like the fem. Some boys live life in the gym.

Some R looking 4 a pretty twink. Some get high 4 an ass that's pink.

Some white boys don't like the black. Some black boys wanna stab your back.

Seems like everybody wants 2 trade something better 4 another day.

Some boys R all tied up inside and all they wanna do is die.

Boys don't want 2 be old men and old men want 2 begin again.

Everybody wants 2 wear a mask, like in the military U just ‘don't ask'.

Don't know why but everything's just fucked up.