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I Luv Everything About U
I luv everything about U, luv U walking through my door.

Boy, U have a sexy body, luv 2 get U out your clothes.

I luv everything about U like when U smile sarcastically.

Luv your inquisitive nature when your lips start asking me

questions up and down my body, let me consider what U pose.

Ask me ‘til I have an answer, my confession lies beneath your snow.

I luv everything about U, the way U smell, the way U stink.

Luv it when U pass me a glance, luv that paradoxical wink.

Luv the way U make me feel like I'm helpless but I am a king.

Luv it when there are no more words, U pull me close and U look at me

‘til we drift and sleep deep, deeper than we've ever b4.

You're a superstar, baby. U must be heaven sent.

U ain't hardly got 2 say a word, boy, just 2 stimulate my mind.

In the middle of the night, darling, I feel U cling 2 me.

That feeling is a hidden treasure. U make me an endless sea.

Days I get beat up from the world I run into your smile.

All my emotions take control and I can't help myself.

Anything U want 2 ask of me is what I'll be.

I'll be your slave. I'll be your pain. I'll be your rain. I'll be your deviant, baby.

I'll be your father. I'll be your little girl. I'll be your bread, your wine.

Whatever U need, whatever U want, whatever U need, whatever U … ah!

I luv everything about U, especially when you're fucking me.

Luv it when U cum and then U ahhh! and then U oooh! U make me

feel like I'm all liquid and wet, feel just like I'm your little pet. (woof woof!)

Meow, woof woof, purrrr! Now you're gonna get all that I got baby cuz

I luv everything about U.