We Need to do More

Last year I wrote, recorded and released the album "Face of America" because I was frustrated and bewildered by the state of our society. Frustrated with the police. Frustrated with injustice. Frustrated by the fact that we STILL are stuck in a quagmire of racism. Frustrated by MY OWN complacency, especially when looking at what's happening all around the world, not just here in our country. I host a lot of international travelers who's only idea of America and American...s is largely what a propaganda driven media wants to put forth. So, I wanted to share the perspective of a BLACK GAY American, because America doesn't just have one face. It has many ... or at least is should. As we go into yet another year, I'm still frustrated and still feel guilty by complacency. If we see injustice and we are sickened by it, we need to do more. It starts with voting, but what can we do beyond that to effect a change. One thing we can do, as one of my heroes depicted on my album cover, James Baldwin, would agree, is to never be silent, to always have a voice, speak out, ignite the dialogue and stir the pot. So, while yes, in our bubble, we are "good" meaning everything is ok in our little daily world, what happens when that changes? The song "I'm Good" tackles that question. And I invite you to reflect and think about it. Here is "I'm Good".

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