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Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl - 2013

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Story Behind the Song - 2013

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OUTing the Music Industry - August 2010

Interview with DJ SirRah.  Check it out here. Interview - January 2010

Full Video Interview here. - Feb. 8, 2005

Gay Hip Hop Takes Off - Full article here.  Excerpt below:

From Baltimore comes funk-pop sensation Saturn. Like the musical love-child of a Prince/James Brown/Janet Jackson 3-way, Saturn combines soulful, gospel-influenced singing with his own brand of sexy (if not downright licentious), whispered-in-your-ear seductive rap come-ons. To experience this handsome rising star croon, rap, dance, vogue, charm and effervesce his way through a live concert is to witness perhaps the hardest-working gay man in show biz. In addition to a voice this guy has some serious original moves.

Saturn's debut album, The Virgin Poet, received enthusiastic praise for its socially conscious and emotionally raw content. Check out this rap from the track “Angels in Flight”:

Walking the world with my rose colored glasses / Making a note of everything that passes / When all around me is destruction and sadness / Pushing us all 2 the edge of madness / I open my ears, I hear “nigger” and “faggot” / Shit, it's time 2 pull the trigger, I've had it / Open your eyes, punk, that's right I dropped u / What u gonna do now that a black mo' Got u? / Why don't u try these? My rose colored glasses / And maybe you'll see me in a different fashion

Saturn now turns up the heat with his new CD Deviant. This ultra-homoerotic album contains some of the most unashamedly promiscuous gay lyrics this listener has ever heard. From the title song, also called “Deviant”:

It's hard. Do U want it inside of U 2 groove until u feel the cosmos move? / U lookin' like I lost my mind. Well, I can see through your thin disguise. / I can feel your body calling me. Fuck the world, once you're inside my rings / I'm gonna make u shake and, baby, make u scream. / Have U open, boy, on your knees!

This Way Out - Featured Artist in Feb. 2005

Queer Music Heritage - audiofile interview by J.D. Doyle and Chris Wilson - can be found here.

This Way Out - Featured Artist in April 2003

Queer Music Heritage - audiofile interview by J.D. Doyle and Chris Wilson - can be found here. Deviant Review - August 2005

Mark Lush Reviews Deviant (link no longer available, exceprt below):

"I think that the professional quality of this disc and the lyrics/songwriting are absolutely the strongest points. Using the backdrop of creative Urban dance beats, Saturn paints a picture full of raw human emotion! In the vein of Prince, he writes songs like (Flirt), (Make U Scream), (Boy 2 Boy), and (Deviant) that are sensual and erotic in nature, often pushing the limits to their very boundaries! Other tunes, like (They Don't Know) and (I'm Coming Out) are songs that depict the struggles and victories associated with the gay lifestyle. Deviant ... has more artistic merit than 90% of the music you will hear this year, and that is reason enough for me to hear what Saturn is communicating! Take a listen, and see if you don't agree!" -

Baltimore Gay Life Deviant Review - 2005

Link no longer available.  Excerpts below:

We're talking lyrics oozing with raw sexual energy, and rhythms that are so dark and hypnotic they had me touching myself without even realizing what I was doing. Not only does this naughty boy write, compose, arrange and produce all his own music, but he's also a homegrown homo. Yup, that's right, this flavor unit is a proud resident of Baltimore. - Brian Pizza, Baltimore Gay Life

"His blunt lyrical seduction is as refreshing as the raw yet refined production of this release. From the dark and dirty drum kicks of "Saint" to the Neptune's sounding "Make You Scream," Saturn's solid and sultry voice will grab you by the you-know-whets and have you screaming in ecstasy." - Genna Pizza, Baltimore Gay Life