Saturn & the Chipmunks

If I even dared trying to sing today I'd give Alvin a run for his money.  My cheeks are all swollen as I'm home recovering from oral surgery of the wisdom tooth variety.   Wonder why they're called wisdom teeth?  They should've been called 'pain in the ass' teeth.

So, I've been very busy since this site went up, Got my first San Francisco show booked for December 12 as part of a showcase.  I'll have a 20 - 25 minute set, more details to come as I get them. 

I've been hard at work making new music and getting spins on Jango and Westsidewill Radio

And I've also been very busy reading the Twilight Saga.  I'm almost ashamed to admit.  I didn't think the first book was all that, but they get decidedly better as the series grows and I'm loving it!  I've always had a fascinatio with vampires.  Speaking of, was anybody else let down by the True Blood season finale?

And of course the VMAs ... Beyonce is class, Kanye is crass and I'm just gaga for Lady GaGa.   She performed my favorite song by her and it rocked my globe.  It was, like the video, a mini musical actually.  Loved Beyonce's number, as usual, she IS Sasha Fierce, Pink blew my mind and the rest was kind of dull.  And what was with that host?  Who the f*ck was that annoying wanker?  And was it just me or is Eminem not aging gracefully?

So, again someone commented how much they love my song "Midnight".  I've decided to make it available as a free download right here. 

Enjoy and if you have something funny please chime in.  I'm under house arrest for the next couple of days, I'm not going out looking like this, and I need the distractions!


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