1. Plastic

From the recording PLASTIC/BOX

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If U close your eyes and grow up you’ll be a man.
If U hunt down all your wishes you’ll be a lamb.
If U open up your insides we will show U what you’re made of.
If U close your eyes and grow up you’ll be a real man.

If U come down we will show you what we mean.
If U come down here we’ll show you just what we mean.
Close your eyes but keep them open
And from your mouth we’ll steal a token.
When U sit down here we’ll show U just what we mean.

Everybody wants 2 kiss U and lay U down.
Nobody wants 2 love U or keep U round.
If U watch them when they’re laughing
U can see the knives they’re throwing
2 cut U up, 2 cut U sideways, 2 cut U down.

Somebody drew a list of standards
And put them on a plastic screen.
Someobody took all these emotions
And then fed them back 2 me.
Somebody screamed out loud that I’m not worthy.
I scream inside 4 some approval.
I slipped and kneeled upon a kiss,
So brazen yet I’m screaming.
I’m still here in this plastic sphere.
There’s nothing here but a stifling fear.