1. Affliction
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What is your intention?

Did u come 2 make me bleed?

What is your affliction?

R U a virgin or a fiend?

What’s your predilection?

Did u come 2 waste my time?

Show me some erection,

An awareness of your mind.

What b your fixation?

Did u come 2 spread disease?

Or am I your obsession,

Your legendary queen?

Wear this tribulation

If you’re gonna sail this sea.

I’ll be your confession

U can suffer here with me.

How long before u take it back?

I know you’re gonna stab me.

How long before u turn the other cheek?

I know that u will deny me.

Bring your education

But forget your abc’s.

If u want stimulation

U’d better start with “D”.

Get your vaccination

A shot up in your ass.

Or does aural penetration

Give u aching hands?

You’re spilling dehydration.

There’s water in this well,

But u have an inclination

2 bring forth only hell.

Your weapon is temptation,

But I’m begging, baby, please

Don’t use intimidation

2 bring me 2 my knees.

How long before u take your knife

And put it through the other side of me?

How long before you’re feeling vilified

And u come 2 crucify me?

How long before you’re walking 2 the stage

Just 2 get in line 2 spit at me?

How long before u show your agenda

And you’re wielding hate 2 smother me?

I will not change 4 u.

U see, I’ll wear these chains.

I will not change 4 u.

I’m telling u that I will wear these chains.

So, what is your intention?

Be open-mouthed with me.

Share your motivation

R u a disturber of the peace?

See, we bring jubilation.

We’re here 2 b free.

So, what is your affliction,

Your obsession with me?