1. Make U Scream

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Make U Scream
It's about time that we're all alone. U got your ball cap and your tank top on.

I gotta say “damn!” cuz U look so good, the goodiest boy in the neighborhood.

So, tell me how do U like 2 cream? Would U mind if I make U scream?

What's the problem? We're both grown. U said there wasn't nobody home.

Oh, now you're reaching 4 my bone? What took yo' motherfuckin' ass so long?

So, tell me where do U like 2 cream? U're gonna like it when I make U scream.

Shit, I'll never make it upstairs. Fuck it, I can throw it down anywhere.

The patio chair or the kitchen floor, we can beat it, buff it, wax it, ugh!

How many times do U want 2 cream? The kitchen floor will gleam.

We can do it in ice cream. U like it, lick it salty sweet.

U like it. So lick it. Don't bite it. I know U like it when

I make U beg & make U cry & make U moan. It's beautiful.

I get so high when we 69. You're # 1 & beautiful.

In whipped cream or in your jeans I know U know you're beautiful.

Your biceps. Your hairy legs. Your torso. It's beautiful.

Damn, I could live inside your ass. I might be a freak and I might be crass, but I know U got a friend who's really cute. U should call him up and tell him we could fuck him 2.

Would U mind if I made him cream? Do U think he could make me scream? Ooooh, damn your eyes are rolling! I'ma make U see stars til the early mornin'.

Stop! Shit, she's in the house! Ugh! Ugh! I can't hold it!

Fuck it, the bitch can watch!

Muthafucka, I'ma make U scream. Look how much I made U cream,

from your elbows 2 your knees. Now yo' mama knows that you're a freak .

Damn! U nasty, nasty boy!

Now yo' mama know that you're a ho. Don't matter though, you're still beautiful.

I didn't know we were on video. We put on a show like Rob Lowe.

Yo' mama's mad. Don't be so sad. You're beautiful, but I gotta go!

Call me up when U want 2 scream!