1. What I Know

From the recording FACE OF AMERICA

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"What I Know"

Everybody sees what they wanna see,
gonna see,
People look at me but do they really see me?
Holding up a mirror to the rage,
It's the golden age.
We all got a lens
and with this lens I think we're in a cage.
U see what's up?
We got the media to paint it up
Painting us all these lies like they truth,
I'm sayin what the fuck?
Everybody's biased
call it truth and call it lies
Ain't it funny how one's person's truth
is politic, divides
divides us where we're one
standing tall under the sun
watching other figures run
thinking we're the worthy one.
But it takes one to know one
I'm glad I'm not the only one
Let's get a little higher
so we see the One we can become.
I'm not down with
religion that's around
Religions pray to Gods
that want to strike us down.
The God I know is Love
and in his Love is All.
I'm searching, maybe questioning then
everything I know, but ...
I know there's a soul inside of me
I know there's something more 4 me to see and be, be.
I know with all that's going on,
I know that we all need more, love, love, love.
Cliches, they start 2 bore me.
Especially when easy
'Love, love, love' ... got me thinking, 'mothafucka, please!'
Everywhere there's sadness,
Complacency's in fashion
with people starving,
people steady falling into madness.
Is it me?
Not as far as I can see
I'm just trying to live with honesty
and be what I can be.
In a system that's fucked
if you're born out of luck
you'll be looking down a barrel
with your hands held up.
What about these fuckers
so obscene with the diamond rings
High life, fast cars
money to buy everything?
Money to buy envy,
But envy is me
If I strip it down and take a look
I see me looking back at me.
When it comes down to it
yea, I think we're all the same,
different players on the chessboard
no one is to blame.
I'm grateful, I'm thankful
the journey is me.
I stand here questioning, but
I know that everybody yearns
I know to feel a bit of love, love, love, love.
I know deep inside of me
I know there's something more 4 me to be, be, be.
I feel like I'm flying sometimes.
I get these moments when I feel like I can fly.
I mean life's so good and I feel so high.
I feel just like crying sometimes.
How can I feel alone in world so full?
Like I'm invisible and it's all no good.
Is there a container to hold it all?
Give me a container to hold it all.
Take the ying and the yang
All the joy and the pain
Put it all together and it's no fair game.
I take it all in and I move along.
Take it all and move along.
Why do people wanna die
When all I want is life.
Just wanna put my arms around the world
and say's it's alright, cause
I know that we'll get through it all
I know that we are something more, more, more, more.
I know that everybody hurts
I know that everybody yearns 4 love, love, love .
I know, deep inside of me
I know there's so much more to be, be, be.
I know at the end of it all
I know that I've just to be, be.
Be... lieve in You, God it's true!