1. Club Swing

From the recording ECSTASY

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"Club Swing"

Can I wear your clothes

so I can smell your perfume?

Should I wet my thighs

so I can be like you?

I would crawl 10 miles

naked in a salt storm, yea,

just cause I, I adore you!

Can we hear you scream

like a nympho fiend?

We're gonna wear you thin

naked in a club swing.

You make us sing

a chorus of harmony, yea.

You are melody

and we adore you!

For you're made of love,

we offer you our love.

Raining coming down

like Gods from above.

We cover you with joy

Smothered in our love.

Tell me, tell me what it feels like.

Cry for you,

I'd cry for you.

Be high for you,

I get so high on you.

Go down for you.

I'd do any and everything for you.

Ride for you

and ride you too.

Lie for you,

I would lie down for you.

A crown for you

cause we adore you!

Will you hold us tight?

You're in the center of life.

You are reigning Queen

Between the ropes and the cream.

For you we'll swing,

that's the reason we sing!

Oh, baby, we adore you!

This perversion of life

fills the horny demon inside.

For this ride

we adore you.

We adore you.

Oh my God!

You're so fucking beautiful!

Give it to me, baby.

Give me all your life.

From the Heavens and Stars

like lava from Mars,

I wanna taste U.

Oh my God!

I can't take it!

We adore ....