Bad Romance

I've either forgotten or underestimated how difficult it is to both work full time and do music on the side simultaneously.  I've had three weeks to finish recording all the music parts for the remaining 3 tracks on "Plastic/Box", yet I've only managed to finish one.  These other two songs are kicking my ass!  On "Box" I can't seem to get the drums the way I want them and on "Acid Love", nothing seems to be coming together for me.  The only thing that's working there are the strings and the bass. 

I love that Lady GaGa song "Bad Romance" (I just love Gaga period) and it kind of describes my relationship with my music.   I have no idea why I persist so steadfastly in my musical endeavors, I feel like I'm alone on an island with it sometimes.  Just like Love, it brings me unequaled joy and immeasurable pain all at once.  Now, THAT'S  a bad romance.

So, I'm on my way to the studio to lay vocals for "Yes", the one song whose music I did finish, as well as lay vocals on another Junkyard song.   I've been meeting with choreographers this past week, scouting venues, talking about my music, promoting on Jango, and next week I'll be releasing the new single.  I'm even considering doing another video.  It feels like it did 5 years ago when I was finishing "Deviant", only I'm more controlled and less naive about what to expect once the album is actually finished ... a tree falling in the forest somewhere in the Arctic ... yep, that about sums it up!

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