But I Thought you were gonna ask for money ...

I was walking to the train station from work in San Francisco yesterday and there was a guy leaned against a brick wall, whom I thought was just chillin’. Out of the clear blue, he popped up as I was walking by and tried to give me a cd. I declined, just out of instinct as if he were a homeless person asking for money, and I heard him cry out as I passed him by, “You never know, you might hear something you like.” And I thought to myself, “doubtful.” Then I wondered, is that the same reaction people have when I approach them randomly with my music? It made me ponder just how am I approaching people with my music in an attempt to find a loyal audience? Clearly there has to be a better way accosting strangers on the street, but there also has to be a better way than going to the same group of people again and again and hoping for a different response. That is surely the definition of insanity.  Well, we all go a little mad sometimes! Seriously, though, I’m going to think on this a bit, and come up with some new ideas for Plastic/Box. If you have any thoughts, I’m all ears!

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