So, I finished Chapter 5 of Music Success in 9 weeks which is all about blogging.  Not necessarily the content, but how to autofeed, self promote, find blogs that are relevant to you, etc.  Once again I have a lot to do.  It's kind of funny though cuz years ago I had a blog that I ran separate from my website that incorprated a lot of what Ariel is talking about.  Unfortunately, I don't believe Bandzoogle has a lot of that functionality.  Then again, that might not be a bad thing.  I had quite a few readers but those readers did not translate into sales, mostly because my blog was about more than just my music, it was about my life.  I really held nothing back.  It held my frustrations, love lost, love found, sex, sex and more sex ... the point is I shut it down after a while because it just became too personal.  But without being personal, who's really going to be interested in what I have to write?  So the question is ... what to blog about?  Also, twitter being the case and point, my life these days just isn't that interesting.  I work A LOT, hang with the too few friends I've been able to make while in SF, and in the hours I can spare, I work on all things related to my music.  BORIINNGG!  :-) 

Anyhoo, I have to decide what direction I'm going to take here.  Should i resurrect  my old blog and just lay it all out there or should I stay more reserved and only blog about music?  What do you think?

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