How a Music Video Comes Together in Less than 4 Days

Last weekend went something like this:

Wednesday evening - was surfing the net looking for places in San Francisco to perform and to host a CD release party when I randomly and serendipitously came across Neil Lahiri - a film director who was looking to shoot a music video over the weekend.  We talked, I sent him some songs, he liked and came up with a genius concept, but it had to be over the weekend ... he was booked for weeks after that.  Oh, and one more catch ... he lived in L.A.  It's now Thursday AM, about 1 in the morning.

Thursday - frantically trying to make this work.  Looking for a model to play a featured lead role in the shoot, sending texts and emails and posting on different websites.  Trying to work out the logistics of rentng a car, hotels or staying with a friend, etc.  Late Thursday night, a model responds positively, I head over to his place in SF to meet in person.  He's cool, his boyfriend is cool and offers to drive us down!  I don't have to rent a car!  This is all working out.

Friday - shopping for the wardrobe.  I'm broke now.  I mean really really broke.  (So, go pre-order the CD)  We're set to leave at 5:30 am.

Saturday - drive down to LA with Armando and Dan.  Meet up with the crew and get make - up done and we start shooting.  13 hours later we wrap.  Exhausted, but we shot in some amazing locations.   I'm on pins and needles to see how it all came out.  It's now being edited and color corrected.

Sunday  night - we arrive home.  I quickly meet a friend to say our goodbyes(he's moving cross country) and at midnight I pack for my business trip that I have to be up for in 3 hours.  

That's how a music video comes together in four days.  What an awesome experience.  AND I met some incredible new people and hopefully made some new friends along the way too.    Why can't every week be an adventure like that? 


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