I'm Sorry, but who are you?

Two nights ago I went to an event at a venue here in SF called Mezzanine.  It was a very cool space, great energy, i would LOVE to perform there, though it's way too big for my CD release show.  I don't have that kind of draw here as an unknown unfortunately ,,, but in time that will change ... hopefully. 

Anyhoo, I really enjoyed the acts that played.  The first act I saw was a band, and I think it was mainly the front singers' projects and her backing band as she mentioned several times that she had just dropped a CD that very day.  She even had someone in the audience with a clipboard getting email addresses, which was cool.  But the odd thing was ... she never said who she was!!  I kept waiting for it ... and it never came.  This is starkly contrasted to the hip hop act that followed, you KNEW who they were before they hit the stage and after every song. 

So, my lesson in all this?  Destiny's Child said it best, "Say my name, say my name ..."  I have to constantly be putting it out there who I am when I'm performing.  I don't want someone to have my experience where I really liked the band but have no idea who they are, what the new cd is called or how to find it online.  After all that work!


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