Music Blog Challenge - Week One, Goal Two: FANS

Well, when I moved to California last year, I did something either really stupid or really smart. While I had built my email newsletter subscription list to over 350 people, I hadn’t really done anything with my music in 2 to 3 years if I’m honest. No promoting, hardly any performing and therefore hardly any newsletter updates. So, when I moved I considered it time to make a fresh start. So, when I built my new site with bandzoogle, I sent out an email to everyone asking them to respond and let me know if they would like to continue to be on my mailing list because I was switching platforms. While I could have easily transported all the names, I wanted to get a true estimation of how many casual “fans” I really had. I knew the number would be significantly less, but I wasn’t prepared to walk away with only 32. Yep. 6 years, 3 cds, 1500 MySpace Friends … and 32 “fans”.


I plan to reach this goal by focusing on the following:

1. Performances - The thing that will help me add people to my mailing list the most is by performing more, which is also on my goal list for SALES. I can have street team members getting email addresses while I perform or even swap older CDs for email addresses. The goal is to maximize the potential to capture new fans at shows. Specific goals for performance can be found in Goal One: Sales.

2. Increased traffic to website – Having a strong call to action and a website that inspires action is one of the components of the nine week program, so I’m sure to discuss this then. Search Engine Optimization is definitely a challenge when your name is “Saturn”.

3. Talking to people, making connections – I don’t use my own word of mouth nearly enough. I don’t know why I hesitate to tell people I meet that I make music. Classic fear of rejection I guess. But I’m in sales. I need to put my skills to use for myself! I already have the cards. All I have to do is talk about what I do, describe my music, let them hear it and ask for an email address for my mailing list. I will add 2 new people to my list per week doing this starting immediately!

4. I will continue to think of other “out of the box” methods of increasing subscriptions and come up with a detailed plan by November 30, 2011. So any ideas or input is much appreciated!

My successes today:
1. Writing this blog
2. Making a plan for work tomorrow.
3. Having another productive and exhausting 13 hour day at work.

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