Music Blog Challenge - Week Two: What's My Pitch?

These are my top five picks.  What do you think?  Like one of em or should I go back to the drawing board?  The pitch should, in a nutshell, descibe my "sound".

1. Prince meets Depeche Mode in a gay club.

2. Alternative Urban Pop

3. If Madonna had a lovechild with Prince and David Gahan, it would be me.

4. Dark and sexy retro 80s/90s Urban Pop

5. A recipe for Alternative Urban Pop - Lightly fold Prince with Depeche Mode, add a couple of dashes of Bowie and sprinkle around the edges with gay hip hop, pop in your CD player and out your speakers comes Saturn!

I don't know.  Nothing clicks yet, but I think they all pretty much describe my overall sound. 

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