My Birthday Wish ...

Please help get my song "Oblivion" into general rotation on Jango radio!  All you have to do is click HERE.  Easy right?  If you don't know what Jango is, it's an awesome streaming online radio that plays songs based on your own personal tastes and artists you like.  You can create your own station and discover new music too!  It's a fantastic opportunity for me to get heard by people who like my style of music.  So, just click here and it'll take you to a page that plays music like Saturn, and that's it!  If enough of you do it, I'll have be in general rotation.   That's my birthday wish! 

I had an awesome bday this year.  My mom came all the way from Baltimore to visit me and we had a blast doing all of the SF tourist stuff that I'd yet to do.   So, that was the best present just having her here.

I got stuck in SF last night because of the bridge closure.  I missed that cable hitting that car by about 20 minutes.  Craziness!  When that bridge shuts down it affects EVERYTHING! 

Well, on my way to see En Vogue.   Talk about a blast from the past!  I used to love them.  Very excited to see them perform.

Hugs and kisses, and don't forget to click HERE to help me out!


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