"Neighbors, Can You Hear Me?" ... and a Great Bday!!

I woke up today dreaming of my music career, reflecting back on where I've been and prancing around my living room singing songs as I made my morning drinks ... only I have to whisper.  I can't sing here in an apartment because the neighbors hear everything!  It's so stifling!  Does anyone have a house where I can let it rip?  I haven't been practicing AND I've been sick so I know my vocal abilities are way out of shape.  They should have workout facilities for singers in a city like this.

I had a marvelous birthday, starting with going out the night before for dinner, drinks and Trannyshack.  Then had a birthday dinner with friends, drinks at my place with more friends and putting together a truly ridiculous barely there costume for the Collossus Halloween on Mars party.  I had intended to go alone, but my dear dear friend Quincy drove over and went with me.  Thank God!  Let's just say I really needed him there that night!  What a fun party.  Met a couple of nice guys, a couple of guys I knew and this same group of really beautiful men who I've seen before at other parties .. cliquey and their noses turned up at me like I emitted a bad smell.  Kind of funny ... and sad.  I danced and danced so hard apparently I completely missed paths with another friend who showed up just for me and we did not end up connecting.  So sorry!  All and all though, a great birthday!!  And the best part was the calls and cards from my mom and sis back home.

Love, Family and Friends is everything.  Without these things, there is no way I would wake up in the morning smiling and singings songs like I do!

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