Rodger Swan - Gone Too Soon

I don't understand what's happening.  I've been reconnecting with people from my past whom I have fallen out of touch with, but in doing so not only did I find out that one of my gay music heroes, Aaron-Carl, died in 2010 of Cancer, but I also just found out that a fan and friend, Rodger Swan, also died in 2010.  He was only 23. 

Rodger had amassed quite a following with his vlog in Japan in the last few years of his life, but before that, he was one of the most encouraging voices for me personally in my life when I was just starting out in music.  I don't know if he knew that, and sadly now he never will.

He found my music randomly through MySpace, back when people could actually find new artists and music on MySpace.  As a new artist, struggling to find my identity, my voice and my audience and not knowing what that was yet, our conversations, his enouragement and his genuine appreciation of my art truly meant so much to me.  It was voices like his that kept propelling me to move forward and to keep going for it.  I remember he kept trying to get me to come to Battle Creek , MI, where he was from, to do a show.  He was willing to help find a venue and even help promote it.  This straight kid from halfway across the country, back in 2005, championing a live concert of "Deviant" in the middle of the suburbs.  If you know my album "Deviant" and how angry and explicit it is, you'll understand why the irony of it still makes me smile.  Back then I didn't have the funds or even the balls, frankly, to pull that off.  But looking back, what a missed opportunity ... not to do a show, but to have met someone who not only was able to touch my life but also touch the lives of countless others all over the world with his YouTube series. 

I didn't keep any of our conversations, but Rodger sent me a review of Deviant, and later the song "Midnight", that I actually did keep.  I don't know why I kept it, but now I'm really really glad I did.  He told me his favorite Saturn song was "The Song of Virgil" from my first CD:  "...on a side note, my fave song from saturn is "the song of virgil" from "the virgin poet." It is such a beautiful song, it put tears in my eyes (no joke). I've had that one on repeat over and over."   Now, everytime I perform that song live, I will think of Rodger and dedicate it to him.  One of the lyrics goes, "I'm a slave to all I survey, especially you, that's why I sing today."  RIP Rodger Swan.

Rodger's Reviews:

my review of "deviant"

Wild: saturn is back with a vengence and opens his album "deviant" with this bomb the bass, balls to the walls track. A party track, with a hint of anger.

Deviant: Not since Ziggy Stardust have we had such a rocking "star fucker, " and this is some good sexy space age music. There's a hint of menace, ala Depeche Mode in this one.

Chemistry: This is one of the standout tracks. It builds and builds, and gets better and better as it moves along. Once the song hits the half way point, there is no return, and we are all lost in saturn's rings :)

I Luv Everything About U: the start reminded me of the 1996 george michael song "move on" with the clatter and chatter of people in the background. Another one the builds up in speed, some very solid vocals on this one.

Art: we all love the video, and we all love this song. With bowie like vocals, this one is a clear winner.

Flirt: Another one that has the sort of despair lingering on in the background, ala depeche mode. Found myself singing some of these lyrics at work, very memorable.

They Don't Know: short song, a slow moving piece dealing with sexual identity. When the song gets to the part of "u know you're living in denial" saturn's vocals are just top notch and combined with the simple but effective beat, it is another highlight on the album.

Make U Scream: we all know this one, the lyrics, the sound, the vocals, the sexual interlude, this is a top notch track.

Atlantis: One of the best sounding tracks on the album, music wise. Also, very catchy with another great set of lyrics. One of the best on the album.

Boy 2 Boy: Fast and funky, another highlight on the album. Love the vocals on this one, and the lyrics are also excellent. "you must be insane, i don't even know your name, i feel so ashamed!"

Saint: A slow moving introspective piece, that to me, seems like the spiritual successor to "the song of virgil" from the "virgin poet." After all the deviance on this album, saturn takes time out to reflect, and what we get is a very heartfelt and personal song. very good.

I'm Coming Out: It is impossible not to dance to this song, it is a very fun way to close out the album! Also, gotta love the almost gospel feel in the second half of the song, it ends "deviant" on a high note.

overall, this album is funky, fun, freaky, loud, reflective, and sends us from the outer reaches of space, to the personal worlds within our own hearts. This album is one that is not to be missed.

Oh my God!! First, I see the beautiful new picture of you, then I see you have a show coming up in Maryland which is awesome, then you put up a new song!!

Midnight is awesome, it's such a departure for you. I think it shows your immensive growth and talent as an artist. It strips down the more in your face antics (both musically and lyrically) from deviant, and injects this tender and softer side to you.

I really like the music that leads into the final verse, at about 4 minutes into the song. I love it saturn, you have the voice, the looks, and the talent. Another excellent job!


hey saturn, today i was playing "deviant" in the car and my friend was listening to it, and he asked "did david bowie come out with a new album?" You can't get much higher praise then that, being compared to such a musical king. I told him it was your cd, and was really feeling your tunes. Good stuff!

This is why I make music.  Thank you, Rodger. 


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