Snowed In!

Had I asked for a White Christmas, I would have got my wish 3 times over.  I'm sitting here vacationing home in Baltimore and the snow is literally blanketing everything under about 3 feet of Christmas treasure.  It's pretty to look at but hell to deal with.  So, I'm basically stuck in the house all weekend, but at least I'm here with family and we're having a grand ole time just cutting up and being silly together.  The funniest thing was the grocery store last night ... lines wrapped around the store, people fighting over carts, you would have thought people were preparing for a blackout or the end of the world.  I mean, it's just snow ... eventually it will melt! 

So, it's wonderful to be here with my family and to have some time off work and just reflect and plan for the future.  I've been super busy traveling for work, working on my music, I even managed to film a small role a lesbian horror flick called "FEED".   It was nice to be surrounded by other artists, I haven't been in that environment in a while and I miss it. 

PLASTIC/BOX is coming along great, I'm releasing a new single from it next month and I honestly think it's the best song I've done so far.  Hopefully, you'll think so too.

I'm at that point now that I always get to when I'm recording a project ... I've been working on it so long, i want to change some of the songs.  "Yes" and "Acid Love" have been a part of this project since the inception and they are the only 2 I haven't recorded yet, other than the title track "Box", but now I'm seriously considering replacing them.  With what, I don't know, I just enjoy the excitement of coming up with something new.   So, there's a good possibility "Yes" and "Acid Love" unfortunately will end up in the Junkyard.

Speaking of, I'm loving the Junkyard experience so far, hopefully you are too.  I'll be releasing this month's Junkyard release this week.

Well, I'm being beckoned to come play a game, so Merry Christmas, Joyful Kwanza and Happy Hannukah!  


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