The Board Has Spoken!

So thankful for my friends Quincy Wilkins and Jeff Thorpe, who have taken to calling themselves "the Board" (I love it!).  We had our first meeting and it was super productive.  I have a new album title, a new tracklist order, they told me when a song didn't work, which was refreshing and helpful, and also, it was determined that while the concept for "The Junkyard" is a great one, the name "The Junkyard" -- well, it sucks!  So, that will be changing rather shortly, along with a whole host of other things.  2013 is going to be a fantastic year!  New music, new shows, new videos ... some of which are already booked  -- Saturn is about to take off! 

If you have any ideas or suggestions, I am more than open to feedback. 


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