Top Ten Most Memorable and Favorite Moments of 2013

So, on Facebook I keep seeing the 20 best moments of 2013 for people so I went ahead and reviewed mine.  It was interesting, but a lot of it missed the mark.  I don't know why, but I've been in a reflective mood most of the day, looking through A LOT of old pictures, remembering the good times, the laughter, laughing so hard til I cried and realizing how much has changed.  I have a horrible memory, so reviewing pictures and putting things down in words is great for me.  Which prompted me to come up with my list for the Top Ten Most Memorable and Favorite moments of the year.  I could have done 20 it's been such a great year, but really narrowing it down makes the list even more special:

10. My Very First Bay to Breakers  - talk about a street party to end all street parties!  I had so much fun.  Thank you, Scott, for ushering me in, naked and all.  Maybe I'll have the balls to go naked in 2014 to this event, but I'll definitely wear a mask because there are way too many looky loos with cameras!  This is not one of those times I'll be singing my song 'Art' - "take my picture, I'm standing here exposed..."

9. Bodyflow Massage and Sexperience workshops in Europe - wow!  I learned quite a lot about myself during these experiences, pushed past quite a few boundaries and found out that I absolutely love the art of massage and want to learn more.  Both of these experiences opened me up erotically in several ways that I won't soon forget.  Andy Saich, you are a true magician and a wonderful teacher!

8. Winning the RightOutTV Award for best video and making Examiners best of lists - over the last 10 years I've been producing music, I've come up against a LOT of negativity, faced many internal demons, have wanted to give up so many times, spent a fortune pursuing this dream and I tell you, being nominated is great, but winning?  It's never happened before, and it's given me confidence, validation and motivation to keep on trucking.  Somebody out there likes what I'm doing and that is a most wonderful wonderful feeling.

7. DOMA being overturned - you could feel the enery pulsing through the city.  I got to the street party late because I was coming home from a work trip, but Wow!  Castro, you really did it right!  Thank you to my friends Patrick, Jeff and Pinky for really making that night special, even in the short time that we had.  It was a monumental moment in history and I shall never forget it!
6. Mike's Nudist Party in Montreal - wow! Except for that annoying asshole who did not undersand the word "NO!" (I wanted to deck him so fucking bad) this was a most AMAZING night and experience!  I wish I could duplicate it here in San Francisco.   I don't yet know that many people that would be into it, but it was mindblowing, eye opening and so much fun!

5. Watching my sister walk down the aisle - I did not think I would get as emotional as I did, but she took my breath away.  No words can adequately describe watching your little sister, one of the most important people in your life, on this special and beautiful day, and being able to stand up for her and sing for her and her husband was beyond words.  And apparently, I still have the chops to pull off gospel! 

4. The BIG Parties - ok, if I listed each of these separately, it would have taken a third of this list, so I had to combine them: Black Party NYC, Bay of Pigs and Magnitude - what debaucherous fun!  They were all a Deviant's paradise and I was in complete and utter sinful ecstasy at everyone of them!  Yolo baby, you're only young and hot for a speck of time on this earth, so live it up!

3. Prepping for the Top of the World Video shoot - this video (and album release) were both a huge achievement for me this year.  But what I remember most fondly is my bestie Quincy helping me, prepping with me, interviewing the models and that fucking night in West Hollywood before the shoot ... OMG I have never laughed so hard!  And it's ALWAYS that way when the 2 of us together.  This one is for you, Q:  "It's healthy, y'all!" 

2. Janis - my beautiful Latvian friend.  We had such a short time together, but you've had a huge impact on me.  You've opened my heart and made me believe in love again.

1. Friendships - when people would ask me why I didn't want to leave this expensive ass city of San Francisco, I'd say because I loved the city and give a list of reasons.  For the first time I can say it's because of so many wonderful people in my life here.  From old friendships that have matured and strengthened (Quincy, Jeff, Jim, Pinky, Jorge, Matt, Garrett) to new friendships that have really turned into something magnificent and special (Carnell, Cameron, James, Scott, Roger & Sean) to people who are newer to my life and friendships are blossoming (Lonnie, Joshua, Billy) to all the wonderful couchsurfers around the world I met this year who I'm endeared to for life (Attila, Etienne, Jordan Roesch, Ghyslain, Johan and Nico, Mike, Greg, Samuel, Seth and Danny, Tilman, Sino, Haner, Patrick and so many more) to brand new people in my life who I feel I could be wonderful friends with (Jason, Mark, Terrill, Patrick to name only a few), friendships and relationships (and a strong family at the core)  are what makes for  a good life in my opinion.  And I have the best 2 out of 3!   I've been saying it all year, I just need a man (relationship) for it to be 3 out of 3! :-)

In 2014 I will:

1. continue to nourish these friendships and make new ones.
2. reach new heights with my music
3. Fall in love with a man who loves me back and be in the kind of relationship I'm finally ready for! 

Goodbye 2013.  You were amazing!!


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