Trust in 2010

I had a very interesting and unique experience today.  While I won't share EVERYTHING that happened , I will say that it culminated in me pulling a tarot card of "Trust".  Now I've never done anything like that before and honestly could not tell you what I do or don't believe when it comes to that aspect of spirituality, but I do believe in energy, that we are made of energy and that everything happens for a reason.

The message on the card, summarized, was that I shouldn't spend my life in pursuit of things that can be taken away, rather focus on that which can not be taken away.  It metaphorically said that now is the time that I should bungee jump without a cord and trust and have faith that the end result will be a blessing and fulfilling.  It said I shouldn't  make a plan or have a back up plan (cuz U know I always do!), but just "do".  Take the jump.  Go for it.

Okay, so I have no clue what that means in my reality, but I am open to receiving the message and I'll be watchful for future signs in 2010.  2009 was an outstanding year for me and I know 2010 will only be better and even more prosperous in all the ways that truly matter.

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